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Perfect way to handle payments for your auction.

Free plugin just sends enail reminders to get payments from auction winners. Anyone can easily ignore them which means your auction was no worth. This Addon lets you handle payments professionally.

Payment Delivery

Paypal Invoice generates invoice & sends it to the winner. You can use inbuilt paypal branding for invoices to look more professional. As opposed to email reminders, this addon will definitely help in getting more payments from auction winners.

Invoice Management

As soon as your auction expires, Addon automatically generates an invoice & sends it. It groups all outstanding & paid invoices inside your WP dashboard for easy tracking. You can re-send pending invoices instantly.

Ease Of Use

Forget visiting Paypal to get all updates. Track all payment related info for your auction via paypal invoice addon. It captures buyer email, invoice number & url, amount & current status which takes all the pain out of payment.

Buy Now $19.99
Buy Now $19.99

Add Shipping Cost to each auction

Enable shipping cost to specify item location, domestic rate & interantional countries and rates. Specify delivery days too.

Show Shipping Cost to Bidders

Bidders are aware how this item will be shipped to them. They see the extra cost charged for each item.

Collect Shipping Address for Bidders

Addon adds mailing address fields to WordPress Registration Form to collect shipping address for bidders.

Intelligent Invoice

Addon adds extra shipping cost to the invoice. It compares item location & bidders mailing address to see if domestic or international rates are applicable.

More Clarity

Bidders see shipping info before placing bids. They can interact with auction owner to receive their items.

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Buy Now $19.99

Say goodbye in outbidding buyers.

This addon enables buyer who is willing to bid the highest, not by someone who is interested in outbidding others.

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