How to social share your auctions

Posted by admin on July 23, 2015

Last updated on July 23, 2015

Recommended Social sharing plugins

  • – You will find an option for Ultimate Auction post type to show social icons under Settings->AddToAny->Placement
  • – You will find an option for Ultimate Auction post type under Really Simple Share -> Share Options -> Advanced Options (click on button to show the advance settings)->Advanced options-> check ultimate-auction. Please note: The sharing functionality will generally work with any social sharing plugin, but above are the plugins with which we have tested the compatibility and they are pretty simple to configure.

What changes did we make in PRO to support sharing our auctions?

  • We display the auctions listing via a shortcode and in the previous versions, the dedicated pages were also being displayed via that shortcode only where the auction id was appended in the query string and same page was refreshed with dedicated page content. This was creating issue for SEO for dedicated page links and social sharing.
  • In 4.5.0 version, we have brought permalink support which solves the SEO issue of dedicated pages and sharing functionality as well.
  • We have also added 2 open graph tags i.e. og:image and og:description which forcefully allows social sharing plugins to detect these details and share. This is done because many times, social sharing plugins misbehave and share wrong things if they capture wrong things. The URL is shared properly however.


  • This is a major update in the plugin, so please keep back up of your previous version.
  • Please add the feed page URL at Ultimate Auction PRO -> Settings -> Auction -> Auction Page URL. This is needed for the breadcrumb shown on dedicated page since we have isolated the dedicated page from the main shortcode and there is no other way to detect the base/feed page URL.
  • The plugin uses post excerpt as the content to be shared, so you should fill ‘Product Short Description’ on add auction page. If you do not, then you post content may get shared because of the active social sharing plugin but sometimes wrong data is detected and shared, so to avoid this risk you should fill Product Short Description.


  • Avoid using multiple plugins which add their own meta graphs since we add some open meta graphs, some other social plugin may add, some SEO plugin may add, so there are chances of conflict. However, if you use one social sharing plugin we have seen, it does not create issues and works. But avoid using such multiple plugins
  • he thumbnail image configured for any auction is shared generally. But, if you keep on changing the thumbnail image for the same post, there are chances that old image will be still shared as the social media generally cache the previously shared image from a particular URL.

Points to note

  • The social sharing icons can be shown around (i.e. after or before as per social sharing plugin config) entire content of the dedicated page and not around the description shown under tab on the dedicated page.
  • Similar to social sharing icons appending feature, some plugins or themes may add some contents to the default content of the posts. In such cases, if any content is passed to ultimate-auction post type posts, then it may get impacted depending upon its hook priority.
  • We have done filtering for ultimate-auction post type only, so they will not conflict any other post type.
  • If the video is kept as main image, there are chances that it will not be shared.

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