auction bidding software


  • Nitesh
  • Dec 23 2019
  • 0
  • 17 min read

For a free plugin this exceeds expectations. OK so some of the functionality doesn’t work on our site, but that could be because we run a bespoke WooCommerce site. In short though, this plugin pretty much works straight out of the box.
Everything works except:Emails to admin from bidders, or via WooCommerce after bid, or win.Unable to restart an auction that has expired.Unable to restart an auction if the winner doesn’t pay.The support we have received from Nitesh has been exceptional. He has answered every question promptly and professionally. Some paid plugins don’t offer this level of customer service.If you are looking for a good looking auction plugin that works well, don’t pay and don’t delay – get Ultimate WooCommerce Auction.

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