Ultimate Auction Pro – How to configure Paypal in the plugin?

Posted by admin on September 2, 2014

Last updated on September 2, 2014

  • Visit WP admin dashboard -> Ultimate Auction Pro -> Settings -> Payment
  • Choose PayPal Account Type = live
  • Enter Paypal email address. It should be business account as you have to accept payments.
  • Login on paypal live account –
  • Then Open url =
  • You would see API Username, API Password and Signature. Copy these 3 fields inside plugin in fields having same name.
  • Now we have only one field left for Paypal – Application ID. Click on “get your application id button” button. Login again with valid paypal credentials.
  • You should create a live application. Please follow this video tutorial (It later show how to create an app) –
  • After creating live application, grab APP ID. It’ll be something like APP-1WG03636RV7612546. Enter it inside plugin.
  • make an auction and place bid via different user.
  • End that auction and see if invoice is generated.

by admin
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