Ultimate Woo Auction PRO

All Changelogs

Version 1.0.4

12 July 2019


  • Proxy Bidding: Outbid email is sent to bidder when bid from other users is higher or lower than  max/min bidding amount depending on normal or reverse auction type.


  • Silent Auction
    • Incorrect bidding value was being displayed to the logged in user when bid was being placed. This has now been fixed.


  • Private Message notifications: Recipients input field when had {seller} placeholder, then this email notification was not working. This has now been fixed.

Version 1.0.3

09 July 2019


  • Private Message notifications: Email notification now has a new placeholder: {seller} that can be entered inside “Recipients” field for sellers to receive this notification from users.


  • Silent Auction
    • Removed “Winning” and “Losing” labels as these were silent auctions.
    • Wrong bidding value in email for subsequent bidders were shown. This has been fixed.

Version 1.0.2

02 July 2019


  • Silent auction: New admin configuration added under Auctions > Settings > Auction Settings > Silent Auctions > “Restrict users to bid only one time”. This when activated will allow user to bid only one time.


  • New admin configuration under Auctions > Settings > Auction Settings > Extra Settings > Enable an alert box. This will show an alert box when user will place a bid.


  • Proxy Bidding: New admin configuration added under Auctions > Settings > Auction Settings > Proxy Auction > “Disable Proxy Bidding to happen for amount less than Reserve Price too.”


  • New email notification is sent to bidder when his/her bid is deleted.


  • Bid Sniping: We have implemented this logic to occur only once and send an ending soon email to all bidders when the auction is extended due to it.


  • Relist Email was missing reason for relisting. This has been added.



  • Silent Auction
    • Bid notification on the auction detail page was showing the outbid value. Since it is a silent auction, this has been removed.


  • Ending Soon Email was arriving late. There was a timezone conversion issue due to which this email was sent at inappropriate time. This has been fixed.


  • Proxy Bidding
    • Outbid Email for same users were coming earlier. This issue has been fixed.
    • When highest bidder will place higher bid then his maximum bid will increase. Previously bid was being placed.
  • Few text were missing translation. They have now been included.

Version 1.0.1

14 June 2019


  • New configuration for admin: “Disable the Buy It Now option once bidding has reached the reserve price” has been introduced. Enjoy this feature.


  • Payment link in winning email had a query issue. This has now been fixed and you wont see “Empty Cart” message.
  • Few texts inside plugin were missing to be translated. We have tested and included all texts. You can now translate all using LocoTranslate.
  • Bid value placed by automated bidding appearing inside Auction Detail page were missing currency format set by WooCommerce. This has now been fixed.