Collect Credit Card & Debit Automatically

Now Never Worry about payment. Get Bid Amount debited Automatically to Auctioneer's Stripe Account


Activate Automatic Debit

Admin signs up for Stripe Payment Gateway and enter Stripe details. Then enables this feature which collects Credit Card details during registration.


User Register With Credit Card

User needs to register to place bid and has to provide Credit Card details which is securely managed by Stripe Payment Gateway.


Place Bid & be a Winner!

All users place their bid and User with highest bid wins the auction.


Money Transferred to Auctioneer's Stripe Account

As auction expires, PRO automatically debits the winning amount from winner's credit card and transfer's the money to Auctioneer's Stripe Account.

Let your Users Add Auction

PRO Plugin integrates with WCFM Marketplace (WooCommerce based Multi-Vendor Plugin) which is free, most popular and have a Front End Dashboard using which your users can become Vendors and add auction products to your website. These users automatically get their own stores from where they can add and manage their auction products from Front End Dashboard.

How it works?

open source auction software

Install Woo & Vendor

open source auction software

Vendor Registers

open source auction software

Install UWAPro

open source auction software

Vendor can now add auction

open source auction software

Ready for Bidding

open source auction software

Earn with Commission

PRO Feature #3

Proxy Bidding

Enable Automatic Bidding for your auction and let your users benefit from them. Users can enter their maximum bids and plugin will bid on their behalf when they will be away.

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PRO Feature #4

Buyer’s Premium

With Pro plugin admin can charge a premium amount on top of bid price for self or for auctioneer. This will help them to earn more from the auction.

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PRO Feature #5

Soft-Close/ Anti-sniping

Guard your auctions against snipers. PRO plugin lets you mention time interval after which auction end time will automatically increase. It has two modes where in increase in time-interval happens recursively each time if there is sniping or only once in which case time-interval is increased once and email is sent to all bidders.

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PRO Feature #6

Relist: Automatic & Manual

If your auction does not have a winner then you can automatically relist based on three conditions. Either winner has not paid or no-one has bid or reserve price is not met. Admin can relist manually too. These features will help admin to sell his auction products

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PRO Feature #7

Variable Increment

Define Bid Incremental values for different bidding intervals which will help you receive higher bids.

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PRO Feature #8

Silent Bidding

With PRO Plugin you get an additional Silent Bidding mechanism where users are not aware of each other’s bid amount. You can also configure to receive either one bid or multiple bid per user.

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PRO Feature #9

Bulk Import

Add multiple auction products in one upload. This works the same way as default WooCommerce bulk upload. We have created a sample CSV which you can fill and simply upload.

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PRO Feature #10

Ajax Instant Bidding

With our unique AJAX implementation, users will see and enter real time bidding without page refresh.

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PRO Feature #11


Show Live, Expired, Future, Ending Soon and recently viewed Auctions on your website sidebars using Widgets.

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PRO Feature #12


Add separate pages for Live, Expired, Future auctions using shortcodes.

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PRO Feature #13

Multilingual Ready

PRO is translation Ready plugin and is compatible with WPML, LocoTranslate and My WP Translate plugins using which you can translate to any language (including RTL).

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