General Questions

Installing Ultimate WooCommerce Auction PRO plugin ?

This documentation assumes you have already installed WordPress. If you do not know how to install WordPress, please contact your hosting provider for assistance and also ask them to make sure that the PHP and MySQL version above is ensured.

PHP version 7.2 or greater
MySQL version 5.6 or greater
Latest WooCommerce Plugin.
Here is the WooCommerce website to read their documentation and extensions
and watch their WooCommerce 101 Series before starting the installation and configuration process.
You need to configure WooCommerce functions properly such as, Payment and Shipping. These are essential features that you need for smooth operation. Please read WooCommerce Official documentation for:
Payment options
Shipping options
To do an automatic install of our plugin, log in to your WordPress dashboard, Navigate to Plugins → Add New → Upload File. Click Choose File and select file you downloaded after purchase. Click Install. Once installed, click Activate.

The manual installation method involves downloading our plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here. Kindly follow these instructions for WooCommerce Plugin and then for our plugin.

Upgrade from free to pro version
If you are using the free version i.e. Ultimate WooCommerce Auction FREE plugin and want to upgrade to pro version, just download the from your purchase page and install it. Now, click on the Activate button. You are done!

Display Settings – Shop Page ?

Badge image url: We have set a default badge to distinguish auction products from other type of products when they appear in shop page. You can set your own badge image too with this configuration.

Show Auctions On: WooCommerce adds different pages inside WordPress setup. You can enable these settings to show auction products on those pages.
Shop Page: Show Scheduled and Expired Auction: This setting will display scheduled and expired auctions in Shop Page. If disabled, then only live auctions will be displayed.

Will it work on my existing WordPress site?

Yes, our PRO version is a WooCommerce based plugin. So you can install WooCommerce (which is free) and our PRO version on your existing WordPress site and starting adding auction products.

Do I need WooCommerce plugin first?

Yes, you do. We have purposefully chosen to develop our PRO version on WooCommerce as it is the most popular e-commerce plugin worldwide and offers host of features useful to auction marketplace too such as shipping cost, taxes, multiple payment methods and payment gateways, categories, custom product attributes and you automatically get an option to sell simple and auction products simultaneously.

Which Payment Gateways are supported by this plugin?

Since Pro version is based on WooCommerce, there are 50+ payment gateways you can use. Few popular once are Paypal, Stripe, Square, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayFast etc.

PRO version does have a automatic debit feature which works with only Stripe payment gateway as its the only one which has rich suite of Developer APIs.

Does this plugin support Automatic Bidding?

Yes, it does. And we may also let you know that it has anti-sniping feature which extends time if someone bids just before the end time.

Can I translate it to my native language?

Yes, you can. Our PRO version is translation ready plugin and is compatible with WPML, LocoTranslate and My WP Translate plugins which will help you quickly translate our plugin to your native language. We always rely on our customers to share their language file to include it in official plugin package.

Can my user add auction?

Yes, they can. PRO plugin integrates with WCFM Marketplace (Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugin) to provide this feature. Please read this documentation to know more.

Each License being sold can be activated on different number of website. What counts as a “site”?

A site is any url/domain you install WordPress on. If you are running WordPress multisite each site with that is considered a site.

Can I upgrade to a different license?

Yes, you can upgrade by paying for the difference in price between the two licenses. Kindly Contact Us and share your purchase details and we will help you out.

Does this plugin has feature to extend auction time during last moments?

Yes, PRO plugin has Anti-sniping/Soft-close feature. This feature gives admin an option to configure extension time. Checkout our FEATURES and DOCS page for more details.

How can I ensure that user pays after winning the auction?

Nice question and important one too. We get this question a lot. PRO plugin has a new module (available in Business and Unlimited licenses) where you can collect user’s credit card and plugin will automatically debit the winning amount when auction expires and transfer the amount to Auctioneer’s Stripe account. Checkout our FEATURES page for more details.

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