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How Ultimate Auction Pro Works

1Admin & Vendor add auctions

To add auction products on his wordpress site, admin needs to first add WooCommerce plugin and then add our Ultimate Woo Auction PRO plugin. He can also let his users be vendors on his site.

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2Users register to bid

Visitors need to register with the website to place bids in the auction. Admin can enable to collect Credit Card details too during their registration.

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3Browse and Request Additional Info

User can view the photos and description of the product and can send private message for any queries.

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4Timed Bidding

If you are bidding in an timed auction, you can place a maximum bid and the system will bid on your behalf based on our bidding increments below at the lowest competitive price. Pricing increases (up to – but not beyond – your maximum bid) as other users bid on the work. Please note that maximum bid amounts are only executed if there is a competing bidder up to that amount.

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All winning bidders will get a winning notification and product will be added to their checkout page. Winners can enter their billing address and pay for item.

Business license of PRO has unique feature to automatically deduct winning amount from winner’s credit card and transfer it to Seller’s Stripe account.

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Advanced Features to Create Diverse Auctions

Tune your website into an auction store with our excellent suite of features

Automatic Bidding
Variable Increment
Soft-close / Anti Sniping
Auto Relist
Bulk Import
Collect Credit Card & deduct payment automatically

Your Success is Our Inspiration

That’s why we are proud that we serve you!

A very useful plug-in

The plug-in works as expected. The support is very helpful. I recommend the pro version.

Marcin Kasprzak


Good plug in

Good plug in and good developers behind it.

Tom Hegedosh


Most functional and flexible plugin!

Ultimate Woo Auction Pro is the most functional and flexible plugin for auctions that I could find on the web! It works great on.



Building a WooCommerce Based Auction Store is Not Difficult Anymore

Our Pro plugin is based on WooCommerce and thus you get all the advantage and inbuilt features of Woo by default!

create my own auction site
100+ supported payment gateways
create my own auction site
Inbuilt Shipping
create my own auction site
set up online auction
Custom Attributes
create my own auction site
Product Categories
set up online auction
Shop, Cart, Checkout pages
set up online auction
Physical and Virtual Products

Reach New Heights With Dokan

Achieve a lot more with Dokan. No matter what you want to sell - tangible or bookable - Dokan has got you covered. Create any kind of marketplace that you can imagine. It's super easy!

Traditional Marketplace

  • Readymade Garments
  • Laptop, iPhone, Electronics
  • Books, Magazines, Comics
  • Beauty Care Items
  • Shoes and Handicrafts

Digital Marketplace

  • Audio and Songs
  • Theme, Plugin, Software
  • Paintings, Photography
  • Video, 3D Animation
  • Apps, eBooks, PDF

Service Based Marketplace

  • Technician, Assistance
  • Spa Service, Therapist
  • Consulting Services
  • Child Care Services
  • Tour and Travel Operators

More Awesomeness

There is a lot more in pro

Custom Emails

PRO comes with seven custom email notifications where you can edit the templates and choose recipients.

auction bidding software


Want to show Live, Expired, Pending or newest auctions. PRO has shortcodes for all.


Use our widgets to show auctions through out your site.

auction bidding software

Hooks and Filters

Customize PRO without changing the package with relevant hooks.

auction bidding software

Add to watchlist

Users can watch auctions they are interested in.

Relist auctions

Relist your expired auctions if there isn't any winner. Retain your previous bids too.

Delete Bids

PRO gives you power to delete an active bid if you see any wrong doing.

5 Star Support

Full documentation and awesome support to help you use our software in best possible way.

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