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What is a Buyer’s Premium in an Auction?

Aug 25, 2023 in | 0 comments

In the dynamic world of auctions, where the thrill of competitive bidding meets the allure of unique items, the concept of a buyer’s premium assumes a pivotal role. Whether you’re a seasoned auction enthusiast or a site owner looking to integrate the captivating realm of auctions into your WordPress-based platform, understanding the intricacies of the […]

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What does no reserve auction mean?

Aug 04, 2023 in | 0 comments

“No Reserve Auction” refers to the absence of a minimum price or a predetermined floor price for the item being auctioned. When an item is listed with “no reserve,” it means that there is no minimum price that must be met for the item to be sold. From the seller’s perspective, listing an item without […]

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What is a Proxy Bid in an Auction?

Jun 12, 2023 in | 0 comments

What is a Proxy Bid and Its Role in an Auction? Welcome to the exciting world of auctions, where the rush of competition and the thrill of securing desired items can ignite your passion. A proxy bid is a term that you might be familiar with if you have participated in an auction. It can […]

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