Ultimate Auction Pro Version 2.0.2 Released

Posted by admin on April 10, 2014

Last updated on April 10, 2014

List of features that were added to Ultimate Auction Pro.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 2.0.2

  • New Feature – Search feature with which you can search through your live auctions.
  • New Feature – Just Sold auction tab on auction feed page which lists all auctions sold recently.
  • New Feature – Support for custom registration & login page – PRO pops up login and registration buttons which redirects users to default WP login/register page. If your website has custom pages with custom urls then you can mention these urls inside Plugin -> settings and then popup buttons would open up your custom urls.
  • New Feature – Front End Dashboard now shows proper tabs to users based on their roles. If admin has activated a user role to post auctions then user will be shown “Add Auction”, “Manage Auction” and “Payment” tabs. If admin has not activated user role to add auctions then user will only see “Manage Bids” tab.
  • New Feature – Auction short description field – New field added inside “Add Auction” form. This field is responsible in displaying auction excerpts (1 or 2 lines about auction) on feed page.
  • Bug Fix – Shipping Cost was not working for check or wire transfer payment method.
  • Bug Fix – Fix provided for HTML Editor for auction description to accept new line characters.
  • Bug Fix – Email Sent via plugin would have sender name as website name.

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