Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.4.0 (and previous version till 3.3.0) Released

Posted by admin on July 23, 2015

Last updated on July 23, 2015

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.4.0

  • New Feature – Admin can now customize emails sent by PRO.
  • New Feature – Admin/auctioneer can add a document with their auction. Visitors/bidders can download to know more about the auction.
  • New Feature – Admin can add new custom fields to add auction form.
  • New Feature – PRO when activated will automatically create shortcode ready wordpress pages.
  • Fix – Image names having spaces were not uploading. This has now been fixed.
  • Fix – PRO was enabling Subscriber role to upload files which by default is not permitted. This problem has now been fixed.
  • Fix – User deletion will now delete all corresponding auctions.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.3.1

  • Fix – Warning fixes which was stalling Settings page of the plugin.
  • Fix – When paypal email is not set then buy now transaction does not happen. Added a error message which would notify user about it.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.3.0

  • New Feature – Best Offer: This feature would let users send their best offers for auctions to auctioneer. Auctioneer can accept/reject them. On acceptance, auction will expire asking for payment from the user.
  • New feature – Display individual categories – With the help of shortcode format: [wdm_auction_listing ua_cat=CATEGORY NAME], you can display auctions of that specific categories. This would come in handy if you want to create separate page and hyperlink that page in your site.
  • New Feature – Admin can now decide if auctioneer gets the power to use either bidding engine while adding auction. Admin can block auctioneer to edit bidding engine and force them to use the one admin wishes them to use.
  • New Feature – Currencies not supported by Paypal can now be used for auctions but with manual payment methods.
  • Fix – Currencies now are formatted with proper comma.
  • Fix – Few warning fixes.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.2.0

  • New Feature – Digital Auctions would let auctioneer auction documents. It has the ability to upload document, bid for them and once bidder wins, share documents.
  • Fix – Performance improvements were made for plugin.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.1.1

  • Fix – Feed page -> Categories 1st drop down has been renamed as Shop by category
  • Fix – Feed page -> Categories 1st drop down formatting errors like it now only shows 9 categories with Show all categories link. This has been done so that drop down does not grow big if there are many categories.
  • Fix – WP admin panel -> Ultimate Auction Pro -> Settings -> New categories link has been added for better visibility and configuration.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.1.0

  • New Feature – Display Categories on a WP Page. You need to add a new WP Page and insert a new categories shortcode in it. Grab page’s url and enter it inside Settings -> Auction -> Category Page Settings.
  • New Feature – Set how many auctions you want to show on feed page. Added param under Settings -> Auction -> How many auctions should list on one feed page?.
  • New Feature – ‘My watchlist’ section in the back end dashboard for non admin users.
  • New Feature – Bidder details like first name, email is now available inside Expired auction -> Expiry reason column.
  • New Feature – Allows localhost url on add auction page.
  • Fix – Increased Image and font size on feed page for better visibility.
  • Fix – Bulk Import fix where CDN image url were not correctly identified.
  • Fix – Paypal OAuth error messages appeared while activating PRO. This has been resolved.
  • Fix – Sidebar widget links were not working correctly when widget appeared in pages not relate to auction page.
  • Fix – Few customers were getting repeated emails due to interation with paypal services. This issue has been fixed.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.0.4

  • Fix – HTML structure for feed page was missing proper tags
  • Fix – Widget links are not working on other pages.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.0.3

  • Fix – Bulk Import Start date was not working correctly. This has been fixed now.
  • Fix – Rename OAUTH inside PRO plugin as it was conflicting some WP themes as they used same variable names.
  • Fix – Multiple emails were being sent to auctioneer when their auction was sold. Extra condition has been added to rectify this.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.0.2

  • Fix – Buy Now not working correctly for non-paypal payment methods. There is a paypal warning appearing when paypal option has not been selected inside Settings tab.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.0.1

  • New Feature – Now you can control how many auctions to list inside feed page. Added new config inside Settings -> Auction -> How many auctions should list on one feed page? Choose your count.
  • Fix – Payments tab in Front End Dashboard is realigned to second position to main consistency with WP admin panel.
  • Fix – Red Note saying ….You’ll be able to choose only PayPal for getting the payment as admin has activated commissions feature…. will only show when commissions feature is active.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 4.0.0

  • New Feature – Sidebar widget to list auctions based on new listings, ending soon, most active and just sold.
  • New Feature – Bulk Import to add many auctions together.
  • New Feature – Seller Rating and Reviews. Now, users can post rating and reviews for a specific seller.
  • New Feature – New payment method called Cash has been added.
  • New Feature – User can now use all payment methods to get payments for their auctions. Previously user can add auction using only paypal payment method.
  • New Feature – Delete option for Invoices. This would delete invoice listed in plugin.
  • New Feature – Delete auction would now delete its images too.
  • Fix – Commissions feature’s implementation has been changed. Plugin now uses Paypal adaptive APIs to divide money between seller and admin. This is more authentic way of handling commissions feature.
  • Fix – Expired Auction would now show payment method for each auction for better clarity.
  • Fix – Email sent by plugin contained html code. This has been fixed.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 3.6.0

  • Fix – Buy Now transactions were not working for auctions made by multiple Admins. PRO settings should apply the same for all admin but it was not. This is now fixed and Buy Now will work for all auctions for all admins.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 3.5.0

  • Fix – Javascript conflict issues on auction dedicated page were resolved.
  • Fix – Mandatory fields relevant for shipping/postage feature were not appearing on the backend -> add user form. This prevented adding users from the backend.

Ultimate Auction Pro Version 3.4.0

  • Fix – Paypal invoice for auctions created by admin are not getting generated if Fee -> commissions fee is disabled.

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